I have always had a passion for writing. In junior high I wrote and competed in Speech competitions making it to state level three years in a row. In high school I would fill notebooks with novel length works. Alas those stories are long gone, though in reality it is probably for the best because our early works are never as good as we remember them.

I was always a geek. Into comic books, Science Fiction, Science, and video games. I developed a love of computers and technology despite my father being resistant to technology. To this day he has still never touched a computer. The one aspect of geekdom that escaped me what roleplaying games. I had never been exposed to it until an employee decided to introduce me to the hobby.

My first RPG was a home-brew game called Skies of Glass. It is a post apocalyptic setting created by Daniel Repperger and I instantly fell in love with it. I am a long time visitor to Metropolis Illinois for both the Superman Celebration and just the town in general. I developed a true love of the small town so as we traveled through Illinois in the game I had to ask what happened to my favorite small town. Dan’s answer was that he hadn’t defined it and challenged me to answer that question.

Soon I joined the RPG podcast Fear the Boot and at their annual gaming convention Fear the Con I ran my first con game. Skies of Glass: Metropolis was the title and I had spent quite a bit of time fleshing out the town’s backstory. After the convention I started doing weekly serial fiction on www.skiesofglass.com until I had published a novel length story. While this story is not online anymore I still have it and may release it someday in some edited form.

My first published work that I was paid for was in the speculative fiction anthology Sojourn with an additional story in Sojourn 2 later that year. I have provided fiction in support of multiple kickstarters as backer rewards and always have numerous projects in the works. Many should come to fruition in 2020.

In the meantime follow me on social media, podcasts, or streaming games and thank you for your interest and support.