Fiction Fragment Friday

This is one of those weeks where I didn’t come into it having an idea. I have a few regular fallbacks I go to when this happens and Ricochet is one of them. As I filled up the car with gas I recorded a message for myself with the first paragraph of this story. It was a scene and the rest just flowed from there. As usual I had no idea where it was going as I wrote it.

The ground and the sky are spinning around me so fast that I feel like I’m going to puke. No wait, that’s not right. They must be staying in place, so I guess it’s me that’s spinning around.  Well, less spinning and more tumbling out of control through the air towards a billboard.  Of course it has to be a political billboard. I don’t want to die with the last thing I see being the face of that asshat Evelyn Thorne who’s pushing for superheroes that don’t work for the government to be arrested.  I might not be able to wipe that smug smile off the real Thorne’s face, but at least my body can mess up this picture of her. 

The impact hurts both when I hit the sign and when it collapses on top of me.  Even though the impact would be enough to shatter most people’s bones it doesn’t hurt me nearly as much as the aluminum splinter cuts from the debris.  See a while back I signed up for a bunch of drug trials to help pay for rent and walked out with superpowers and unpredictable side effects.  All said I hit the jackpot because no one else in that trial survived.  Well, no one officially survived at least.  If there were one super powered lady out there somewhere with a new name, I certainly wouldn’t know anything about that. 

My head felt a strange combination of pain and euphoria fighting for dominance.  Among other powers I absorb kinetic energy and convert it to make me stronger, faster, and more agile.  I would say it makes me better in every way, but it also has an intoxicating effect.  Sure, I am way funnier when on a power high, but I don’t tend to think things out before acting.  Thankfully I also heal fast after absorbing a lot of energy so the cuts on my body only take moments to clot.  For the record being hit so hard you fly through the air and smash through a billboard does generate a lot of energy.  If the hit doesn’t knock me out or kill me, I can recover from just about anything.

By the time I crawl out of the rubble I’m completely healed and so high on my own power I’m practically giddy.  I don’t like absorbing this much energy.  I have a lot of power and it takes control to use it responsibly.  It’s too easy to hurt someone when I get like this.  That thought is the only thing that keeps me holding on to a thread of control.  It feels like I’m in the backseat of my own body as I leap from the roof back into the street.  My body twists and turns to dodge the cars being flung through the air at me.  If I weren’t so out of it, I would be concerned about where they end up landing. 

I hit the ground feet first compressing my legs and leaping back forward at the small man standing in the street holding a finger up to his head.  When I bounced in the first time, he telekinetically flung a newspaper box into my stomach while I was still in the air.  As far as telekinetics go this guy is the strongest I have ever encountered.  Something deep in the back of my head was asking why he didn’t just hold me in place or fling me away instead of throwing things at me.  I can’t think about that now though because tiny toon over there is still flinging things at me. 

“You it really isn’t fair.  If I were tossing things around like that, I’d get pretty tired.  There you are though just flinging whatever you want at me and not even breaking a sweat.”  He didn’t answer, but I didn’t really think he would.  His kind of power requires concentration.  Probably a good thing I don’t have them because that is not my strong suit.  I’m not getting anywhere near him at this rate.  I need a distraction. 

I ripped a parking meter from the ground and flung it like a spear.  I’ve gotten pretty good at throwing things over the years, but when I’m out of my mind on my own powers my accuracy isn’t the best.  My meter doesn’t land anywhere near where I was aiming, but thankfully it was so far off I’m pretty sure the guy has no idea what I was aiming for.  I certainly was not trying to skewer a BMW through the roof. 

“You know this witty banter thing really works better when you give me something to riff off of.  Like what should I call you?  If you don’t give me a name, I’m telling the papers you go by Tiny Toon.”  The bench he was lifting hesitated and almost fell.  I had succeeded in making him angry  and by doing so he lost his concentration.  Taking advantage of the opportunity I flung a manhole cover like a frisbee. 

This time my aim was spot on.  The manhole cover smashes a fire hydrant next to the villain.  The water hits him full force knocking him off his feet.  He slips and slides trying to get to his feet, but all semblance of concentration is gone.  I don’t hesitate for a moment.  My fist meets his stomach, and his lunch comes up all over my suit.  Thankfully I’m being sprayed by water so it’s a quick cleanup.  I have no idea what set this guy off, but investigation isn’t really my thing.  I’m more of a hit a guy until they fall down kind of person.  This guy falls pretty fast.

The situation well in hand I survey my handiwork.  The street is destroyed.  Cars on their side or sticking out of storefront windows line the street.  Water not only flooded the street but is running into nearby stores.  Debris is everywhere and the street looks like a war zone.  I might not have done most of the damage, but I didn’t do anything to stop it either.  I was having too much fun to even think about that.  How many times do I need to relearn this lesson?  As the sirens get closer, I think it is time I get out of here.  I leap to the nearest roof and off into the night.  One more victory under my belt and all it cost was a neighborhood.  Since I had no idea why the guy was trashing the place before I got there I don’t even know if it was worth it.