Fiction Fragment Friday

I’ve said it many times before, but I really enjoy trying new ways to tell a story other than prose. In today’s Fiction Fragment Friday we have an e-mail invitation to an auction for some very unique items. It is an extremely short entry. I do feel like I could have made this much longer, but it was really just a minor thought exercise that did not inspire me to go longer.

From:  The Broker
To: <undisclosed recipients>
Subject: Urgent Notification!  Online Auction

Congratulations Collector,

I am thrilled to inform you that you have been invited to participate in a very exclusive online auction.  My agents have identified you as an individual with an appreciation for science that may fall outside of what the mainstream embraces.  You are also an individual of some means capable of understanding the value of the items I am making available. 

A few sample items that will be included in this auction:

  • Unmovable Boots.  A pair of gravity manipulation boots only used once.  Capable of creating a localized field that can increase gravity on themselves and anything in them by 40 times.  Minor blood stains.    
  •  Impenetrable Force Field Belt.  The belt creates an energy dome around the wearer with a five-foot radius that prevents all known forms of matter and energy from traversing for thirty minutes.  Return bidders may recognize this item from last month’s auction.  The item is once again available due to the previous owner not understanding that light and air are forms of matter and energy.    
  • Unwelcome Mat.  A door mat that teleports anyone who steps on it to a location you preprogram.  Generates excessive heat from the creation of an Einstein Rosenberg bridge so it is recommended that you limit use to twice a day or risk overheating.
  • Eclipse Glasses.  This very unique protective eyewear permanently and irreversibly modifies the wearers eyes to block out 99.9999% of the sun’s solar radiation and visible light. 
  • Petrification Cream.  This lotion changes the wearer’s skin to a dense resilient material.  You will never feel the pain of a paper cut, the extremes of temperature, or anything else ever again.

These represent a mere fraction of the intriguing scientific breakthrough items that would make excellent gifts for the right individual.  You will only find items like these on my exclusive auction website if you reply and complete the verification process.

I eagerly await your response.

The Broker