Fiction Fragment Friday

I am reposting this story due to the original post being lost to technical difficulties. I don’t remember what I said about the story to begin with so I’m just going to go ahead and let the story stand for itself.

                “That might very well be the stupidest thing I have ever heard.”  Alexandria looked at her boyfriend with an incredulous stare. 

                “Really?  Because I don’t think it’s even the stupidest thing, I’ve told you this week let alone ever.”        

                “Yeah, you’re really not selling me on why I should believe that the prop sword you bought at an anime convention is possessed.”   She shook her head in frustration before sighing and taking a deep breath.  “Ok, let’s take this slowly.  Explain to me why you think your sword is possessed.” 

                “Oh there are a bunch of reasons.  First, it’s super light even though it’s made of metal.  Second it has an actual edge and never seems to dull.  Third it reflects light like it is glowing.” 

                “You know all of that is pretty normal for a prop sword, right?  Anything else?”

                “Well, it also told me it was.  Maybe I should have led with that.”  He had a huge smile on his face with the last revelation.  Alexandria knew that he thought he had won the conversation, but in reality, she was doing the math to determine if he was cute enough to outweigh the crazy.  He was sweet and liked to spoil her.  On the other hand she really couldn’t take him out in public without being embarrassed.  She realized that her internal monologue had distracted her while he had continued talking.  Now he was looking at her expectantly holding out the sword.

                “Sorry what?” 

                “I said take the sword and see for yourself.”

                She reached out and took the sword by the hilt.  It was a beautiful blade as far as anime props go.  She also couldn’t deny that it looked more like it glowed than just reflected the light.  The sword also really did feel lighter than she would have expected it to.  “Ok, what is this supposed to prove?”

                “Oh, hey he got himself a looker.  Way to go kid.” 

                She heard the words clearly, but not with her ears.  The voice was speaking directly into her head, and she had no idea how that could work.  “What the hell?  Who said that?” 

He just smiled at her as the voice started up again.   “I did.  You know the sword you have that nice soft hand wrapped all around.  So toots what should I call you?”

“Alexandria, but most people just call me Alex.” 

“Much better, you should always know someone’s name before they start feeling you up.  Kind of rude by the way.  Course I suppose the kid did hand me over so it’s not totally your fault.  I’m Slicer by the way.”

She took a moment to get her thoughts together before replying.  “You are a sword, and your name is Slicer.  That’s kind of on the nose don’t you think?”    

Her boyfriend jumped in.  “Oh, don’t ask him that.  It’s a touchy subject.”

Neither of them realized that the sword could not hear him because she was not touching it.  All the sword’s communication and senses came through a mental link with its wielder.  Without a strong bond it could not hear outside of the wielder’s mind.  It could sense things about the body holding it though.  “Did you pick your own name?  No, I’m betting you didn’t, but you don’t see me making fun of your name?  What did Alexander the Great claim you and name you after himself?  Doesn’t feel so great does it?”

“Ok, sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“Well, you did.  It’s bad enough being a sword.  I can’t move on my own, can’t sense anything on my own, and I spend most of my time in excruciating boredom.  The one thing I do have is a name and then you come along and make fun of that.”

“So, are you a person trapped in a sword or were you always a sword?”

“If you’re asking whether I used to be a meat bag like you then no.  I’m all hilt and blade baby.  I was made like this.  Well technically the sword was made first and then I came about when the enchantments didn’t go exactly as planned.  Oh, I know let me show you.  Just open yourself up a bit and let me inside.”

Her mind was instantly flooded with images.  A castle and a wizard layering enchantments onto a heavy broadsword.  He was interrupted by an assistant rushing in and in the moment of distraction the magic exploded out of control and flooded the room.  A training sword in the corner started to glow and she recognized it as Slicer.  She saw the world through owners’ eyes over the years.  Finally, it ended up being purchased in an estate sale by the anime sword vendor.  It was asleep and unable to reach out for years until her boyfriend spent twenty minutes swinging it around in his backyard. 

“Well do you see now?  I told you it was possessed.” 

“Ok fine I’m sorry I ever doubted you.”  The sarcasm could not be missed in her voice.  She didn’t know how to tell him that when the sword showed her its history, she also saw that it was bonding with her.  As long as she was alive, he would never hear the sword’s voice again.  He had been so excited about his new sword being possessed and how special it made him feel.  Now she would have to figure out how to tell him that the sword was no longer his.