Fiction Fragment Friday

A bit of a short one this week. I’m once again playing around with the format a flash fiction can take. This week’s story started with imaging the first line and coming up with a simple concept. At some point when writing it I decided that it was not the lead-in to a story as I originally intended, but in fact a Thesis being written by an extraterrestrial college student.

I wanted to make the author come off as initially a bit unhinged and perhaps a conspiracy theorist. When wrapping up though I wanted to give a bit of weight to the thesis being presented. This one is a lite, fun, quick read.

The True Dominant Species of the Galaxy

A thesis by Uldar the Magnificent from Yunus 3

               There is perhaps no better example of parallel evolution than the common house cat.  Across over one hundred known worlds with intelligent life each one has a species that could easily be recognized as a cat.  Many have suggested this indicates that they are the ultimate expression of an apex predator.  Why then have we not found a world where they have evolved to be the dominant species?  The answer to that is either that the traits necessary to do so are not that of an apex predator, or that they are in fact the dominant species. 

               Across all worlds the beings who believe they are the rulers of the planet perform very servant like roles to their feline companions.  They serve them food, water, and treats as if it were tribute to the greatness of the beast living within their homes.  The “owners” clean their waste and ensure that the living arrangements are likewise properly cared for.  While this could be seen as simple caretaking it could also be seen as servitude to masters who have long ago trained a species to do their menial tasks. 

               Unlike other pets across the known galaxy cats are in complete control of the amount and type of attention they receive.  Whether it be by hand, tentacle, or other appendage you will only be touching a cat when it wishes you to and in a manor that it wishes.  When it is done with said touching it will swipe to make it known that this activity is concluded.  Only with a cat is this behavior accepted as normal while in all other pet forms it is seen as a problem to be trained away. 

               When a cat does want your attention, it will not accept being denied.  A cat will not look at you longingly, it will raise its voice to demand your attention.   If that does not work the cat will simply climb on top of whatever offending object is delaying its goal.  It matters little if that object is a book, electronics, or another living being.   A cat will not be denied.

               Like most intelligent species in the galaxy if a cat chooses to hunt it does so for sport and not for sustenance.  Much like the so called “dominant” species of their particular planet they have a system in place that provides for all needed nutrition.  Hunting is for entertainment with the prey often gifted as a way to show off the achievement.  This is much like those who mount the heads of their prey upon the wall to show what they were able to accomplish.  Perhaps it shares traits with the dominant species on the planet Ungoth who display their prey as a form of intimidation to remind their lower caste that they could eliminate them anytime they desire to do so.     

               I thus posit the question, are we indeed the dominant species of our planets?  Do the cats in fact rule the galaxy using all of us as their servants?  The idea seems preposterous, but the evidence is there in front of you if you open your eyes to see it.  As widely as other animal life varies from planet to planet why do felines share so many similarities?  Why do their genetic codes line of far closely to each other than to other animals from the same planet?  Why have we found cave paintings of cats on planets that can no longer support life?