Fiction Fragment Friday

This week’s story is pure fluff. It was inspired by a comedy game of Inspectres I played last night where I played a TV Chef in the distant future running a test kitchen reality show. It was a light hearted funny game and I realize sometimes we all need that. Something to let off some steam and release the pressure.

Do not expect anything deep from this week’s story or some underlying message trying to be delivered. There really isn’t even much of a story to it. Just some fluff entertainment without any real purpose. A bit of an entertainment snack if you will. Enjoy.

Welcome sentients to another episode of The Galaxy’s Greatest Chefs.  As always on this journey through a universe of flavor,  I am your host Chef Xandria Shalara.  

This week my quest to find the ultimate stew brings us to Delphi V The home of some of the most intense spices in all the galaxy. It is important to note that the Delphinians lack a sense of smell and so their palette is very limited.  This is tragic since their planet produces some of the most sought after flavors you could imagine yet they cannot fully enjoy their own exports.  

We are going to start by deboning and tenderizing the herodine.  This is a rabbit-like creature originally native to Delphi III but transplanted to Delphi V two hundred years ago.  It has thrived in its new home and by this point you can tell distinct flavor differences already.  We are just going to let it sit in our marinade of vanderfal peppers overnight.  Through the magic of TV it goes into the refrigerator and comes out fully marinated. 

Now of course, I need to remind you to modify my recipes for your own metabolism.  Vanderfal peppers are poisonous to Naxirians, Novarian, and Kindorians so you will need to replace them with an appropriate tenderizing marinade..  If you are one of the 23 known sentient species that cannot process meat you will also need to substitute the herodine with an equivalent plant based product that can absorb the flavor.  

We are just going to seer the herodine slightly before placing it into our stew base.  For our base I have boiled germaine roots until they have dissolved into the broth and included my personal favorite tube vegetables.  Celery, carrots, and herferbeans were added at the thirty minute mark.  Make sure to keep a constant stir to ensure even cooking.  

Now is where the real fun begins.  Once everything is in the pot we are going to start adding in our Delphinian spices.  First jomark which is said to activate all four types of taste buds in humans and all twenty three in Novarians.  It is like a kick to the mouth, but in a good way.  Three tablespoons right in the pot.  Wham!

Next a more subtle ambiline.  If jomark is a punch to the mouth then ambiline is a gentle caress.  It touches your tongue all over relaxing it in preparation for the experience.  The combination of the two balance each other out.  Four tablespoons of it into the pot.  Woosh!

My final secret to this dish is pepspinski.  It serves to prolong the taste experience making it not just a one time blast of deliciousness, but a smooth steady stream of it lasting minutes after you have swallowed.  Babang!

I bet you were expecting more ingredients from Chef Salara.  Well here is your lesson for today.  Sometimes if you use the right ingredients less is more.  You don’t want to overdo it or you lose the wonderful blend of flavors you have put together.  This is a lesson all you aspiring chefs out there need to learn.  Moderation is the key.  Let the natural flavors come out.  Coax them and speak soft gentle words while you stir.  

Leave this stew simmering at an extremely low heat for eight hours to get the optimal taste saturation.  Once again through the magic of TV here is our completed Delphinian Herodine Stew.  It smells so good my mouth is watering.  The Delphinians enjoy the reaction that the spices create in their mouths while the rest of us get the full flavor with the scent activating all our neural pathways related to flavor.  

That’s all the time I have for you this week folks.  Next week we will be focusing on the effect of high or low gravity on cooking times.  So remember out there that you don’t have to explore the galaxy to find good food, but it doesn’t hurt.