Fiction Fragment Friday

This week’s story was inspired by a writing prompt image. The image made me think of the Wizard of Oz. I’ve always loved new stories twisting those tales, but had never thought about writing one myself. Well with this prompt I have now done so. I hope you all enjoy.

The Crows cackled and mocked Dorothy as she desperately sewed trying to save her dearest friend. The tears came freely as did her begging and pleading to any of the magical beings that might be listening. Scarecrow was one of the kindest of all those she had met in her travels.  Dorothy loved him with all her being but alas love was not a form of magic in Oz and neither was her emergency sewing kit.  She didn’t have magic of her own to call on, not even the magical silver slippers from her first visit. 

“Caw, the new Wicked Witch of the West sends her regards.”

In Oz there must always be four witches for balance.  When one with falls it will only be a matter of time before another rises.  Dorothy did not know this rule of nature though.  She thought that her days of dealing with wicked witches were long over.  She was a slayer of witches though and that meant her days would never be free of them.  This time though her friend had paid the price. 

She didn’t know how she had returned to Oz this time.  It seemed that she had some connection to the land and every time she thought she had left for good she would find herself back and once again fighting for her life.  If not for her friends it would be a nightmare realm, but despite that she always felt more at home than in Kansas.  That was before she found Scarecrow on the road ripped apart by a flock of crows.

The crows did more than just pull away straw.  They had created a nest inside his head and laid eggs.  His clothes were torn and his insides scattered.  Dorothy had screamed at the site and shewed away the crows.  The moments after were a blur as she tried to save him.  She gathered his stuffing and sewed his clothes back together.  His head though was destroyed.  There was not enough of the bag left to repair and the magic that animated had been absorbed by the crows.

He was gone and Dorothy vowed that she would have her vengeance on the wicked witch. She had not intended to kill the two witches she had, but this one would be no accident.  Through tears she screamed at the flock.  “Tell her.  Go back and tell her that she can’t get away with this.  I’m coming for her.” 

“Are you really my dear?”  The voice came from a crow’s beak, but it did not belong to the animal.  As she continued it bounced from crow to crow.  “Dorothy Gale, slayer of witches.  I know who you are and I do not fear you.”  The voices were all around her.  “Your strength comes from your friends so they will fall first.  I’m going to make you watch as I kill everyone you hold dear and only then when you are broken will I finally come for you.”

The flock took to the sky flying away with Dorothy screaming after them.  “I’m coming for you.  I’ll make you pay.”

Many in the Land of Oz disagree on the moment it happened.  I stand by my assertions that it was there on the yellow brick road crying over the body of Scarecrow.  This was when Dorothy took those first steps that lead to her corruption.  The future Wicked Witch of the East was born on that day.  This is a moment that cannot be changed, but perhaps her destiny after can be. 

Toto, I am sending you back to this moment.  You were not with her on this trip, but perhaps if you were she might not have fallen.  With all the good magic left in OZ we are giving you one chance to save everything.  Save us from her rule of terror, save the magic, and most importantly save the girl who once was hero.  Toto only you can save Dorothy Gale from becoming the Wicked Witch of the East.