Fiction Fragment Friday

This week’s story is VERY short. I started multiple stories and nothing was really sticking. I have not had a problem writing one of these short fictions this bad since early in the process of doing these. It wasn’t that I didn’t have ideas, I just gave in to the stress in general and didn’t push through the struggle. In the end though I wrote this tiny snippet of a story idea as well as the first paragraph of many other stories that will end up being more fleshed out.

     “That’s not how you say his name!” 

     The scream from five feet away caught me completely unaware causing me to fumble my glass spilling water all over my laptop.  You would think by now I would be used to it, but no I am not.  I shoved my laptop table away from my recliner and rushed to the bathroom for a towel.  “Sorry,” I heard my wife say from the living room.

     “You know they can’t hear you right?”

     “My people on the TV talk to me so why shouldn’t I talk back to them?  He needed to know that he was saying the name wrong, and it annoyed me.”

     Of course, I had not been drinking water.  If it were just water the towels would have been enough, but of course I had been drinking soda.  It would dry as a sticky mess, and I might even have keys get stuck.  I knew this from experience.  “It’s a tv, he can’t hear you!” 

     “Maybe I’m just ignoring her?”  The voice came from the tv.

     “See he can hear me.”  While I was fuming, she was smiling always finding my frustration amusing. 

     “No he can’t.  That was just a huge coincidence, and you know it.”

     “You’re a huge coincidence.”  This time I turned to look at the screen.  The video game figure from the YouTube video was looking right at me with his head slightly tilted.

     “No, No, No.  This is not happening.  The tv cannot hear us.  It cannot talk back.”  I was shaking my head violently.  I threw the towel to the ground and approached the screen yelling, “and that joke was really lame.” 

     “You’re really…”

     “No, shut up, shut up, shut up.”

     My wife was laughing like a hyena at this point until she started coughing.  “Now who’s yelling at the tv.  I thought it couldn’t hear us.”

     “It can’t!”  I turned to the tv pointing, “You can’t!”  Then I stormed out of the room now accepting what had just happened. 

                On the way out of the room I hear my wife talking to the tv.  “That was awesome, but you know you really are saying his name wrong.”