Fiction Fragment Friday

There is no big story this week on what inspired Fiction Fragment Friday. I often have recurring dreams, but nothing like what is in that story. My recurring dreams tend to be about having to go back to high school. Still they are frequent so I started with one line about recurring dreams and just explored where the story went.

               “I had the dream again.”  I tried to say it without any emotion.  Like it was an everyday normal occurrence that didn’t bother me in any way.  At that point is almost was an everyday occurrence.  I had the same nightmare at least twice a week with each time getting just a little bit clearer after I woke up.  When they started a month prior, I could barely remember anything of the dream.  Then I started to remember broad concepts.  By this point I couldn’t forget most of the dream with only specific details eluding me. 

               “The one where I die?”  She asked it like I could be talking about anything.  No concern in her voice for me or herself.  It was like I mentioned some trivial thing I had read in the paper.  I suppose that was my fault.  I had only told her about the dream a few times.  She had no idea how often it came or how traumatizing it was to experience. 

               “Yes, the dream where you die.  Have I told you about any other recuring dreams?”  I immediately regretted my words.  They came out too harsh.  I was tired and lashing out at her.  It was my fault she didn’t understand the weight of it. 

               “Sorry.  I didn’t realize the dream bothered you that much.  It’s just a dream.”  She came over and took my hand in hers.  “I’m right here baby and I’m not going anywhere.”  Then she moved to hug me, and I let her.  After a moment she pulled back and looked into my eyes.  “Why is this dream bothering you so much?”

               I sighed and lowered my head.  “Ok, lets sit down though.”  I led her back to the kitchen table and sat down across from her.  “I’ve never told you this because I didn’t want you to think I was crazy.”

“But you are crazy dear.  That’s part of why I love you.”  She was smiling as she said it.  She still just didn’t get it.    

I pulled my hand away and slammed it onto the table.  “It’s not funny.  I’m serious here.”

“Ok, hon I’m sorry.  I was just trying to lighten the mood.  I can see you’re really upset though.”  My outburst made her look like she had been physically struck.   

“You know my mom died when I was eight.  My brother when I was in my twenties.  I’ve lost aunts, uncles, and grandparents.”  She nodded acknowledging that she knew.  “Well, a month before each one died, I started having a dream about it.  I don’t just dream about them dying, I dream how they die.  Each time the exact way they die in my dream is how they die in real life.  I usually even have some indicator in the dream about what date it happens on.”

“Are you sure that your mind isn’t just playing tricks on you?  Dreams are crazy and it’s easy to see things in them after the fact.”

“No, it’s not that.  I thought maybe the first time.  I was just too young.  I was there when my brother died though.  I wasn’t in my dream.  I went there because I knew when and where it was going to happen.  I wanted to try and save him.  I got stuck in traffic though.  The car had already hit him a few minutes before I arrived.”

“I always wondered why you were downtown that day.”

“Yeah.  So, you see these recurring dreams aren’t just dreams.  They are glimpses of the future.” 

“So, let’s say I believe you are having prophetic dreams about my death.  Well, you are telling me about them so we can avoid it this time.  Let’s make a plan and that should help you feel better.  When and how do I die?” 

“Last night was the first time the date was clear. “I looked down at my hand under the table holding my gun.  “You died ten minutes ago.” I pulled the gun up and squeezed the trigger.  Bullet after bullet struck her knocking her from her chair onto the floor.  I stood from my chair and walked around the table to look at the body.

My wife’s body was twisting and writhing.  Something under the skin was crawling around trying to break it’s way free.  Her jaw hinged open allowing a grey oozing creature to slide onto my kitchen floor.  Without hesitating I emptied the rest of the clip into the thing.  That was when I heard the whimpering.

“What happened?  Why does it hurt so much?”  In that moment I realized that my wife had still been alive even though the creature had taken her body.  I rushed to her side the tears flowing and I blubbered apology after apology.  It was too late though.  I looked up at the clock on the wall just then remembering that it was ten minutes fast.

I awoke in my bed drenched in sweat.  It was the recurring dream again.  The details were all so fuzzy.  I clearly remembered what time my wife died in the dream.  Looking over at the nightstand I realized that it was two minutes after that time.  The image of a grey oozing creature also came clearly to my mind.  Well, this thing was going to pay.  I reached into my nightstand to grab my pistol before heading down to the kitchen to meet the thing that had replaced my wife.