Fiction Fragment Friday

This week’s story is not good. If it is then I have failed in some way. Years ago I was trying to come up with a story idea for NaNoWriMo. I was given the completely unhelpful suggestion of a Vampire Surfer from Atlantis that glitters in the sun. Well this week I decided as a joke to actually write this horrible story. Not as a novel obviously. No this joke is worth a flash fiction, but would not be worth a novel.

Enjoy or cringe at “Glittering Vampire Surfer from Atlantis”.

     The ocean air felt incredible against my face.  There is nothing better than those few moments sitting on your board before the wave hits.  That moment of anticipation where you know that you are about to face the fury of mother nature and become one with it.  The adrenaline starts to rush through your body preparing it for what is about to occur.  It is the greatest feeling in the world until it gets surpassed by the feeling of riding the wave itself.

     I should have been in my zone, but instead I was distracted.  Camera drones were zooming around the sky making sure every angle was covered.  This wasn’t just any weekend ride it was the twelfth annual Northshore Big Wave Invitational surfing competition.  The biggest surfing competition in the county.  My nerves were high, but I knew deep down that there was no one who could approach my skill level within three states.

     That was when a bright light blinded me for a moment.  I looked to the board next to me and saw a young man pull his shirt off.  The light gleamed off of his skin and his hair flowed in the wind.  It wasn’t just gleaming though.  It was glittering in the sunlight.  His skin was actually glittering.  A sinking sensation filled me as I started to come to a realization.  My eyes moved to the board for confirmation and let out a curse.  It was indeed an Atlantean design.  My confidence was shattered as I realized what I was facing.  I was about to compete against a Teenage Glittering Vampire from Atlantis.  Their skills at surfing were legendary. 

     You never know how good you really are until you are truly pushed to your limits.  I was about to be tested in a way I had never been before.  If I could win everyone would know the name Noah “Backbreaker” Minnow.  I was the best surfer alive and I wasn’t about to let some undead discoball from under the sea show me up.  Bracing myself for the coming wave I focused on what was really important.  This wasn’t just some surfing competition anymore.  It was good vs evil.  Living vs undead.  Perfect tan vs glitter.

     I tried to focus on my own surfing as the wave came up on us.  With a solid pose I rose up bouncing along the top of the wave.  I knew I should focus on my own performance, but I couldn’t help bug glance over.  The glittering bastard was standing on one leg in a crane kick pose.  He actually pulled off the kick while riding his board.  Well two could play at this game.  I reached down and grabbed the sides of my board.  Straining my muscles I went into a handstand while riding the gnarly wave.  I turned forward and back doing a careful spin on the board. 

     Confident that I was winning I glanced over at the vampire.  He was doing a one handed hand stand with his legs bend back at the knees.  I cursed knowing I had been outmatched again.  I needed to do something desperate to win this competition.  It really wasn’t a fair contest.  I was the best a human could be, but he had supernatural abilities and all the knowledge of Atlantis on his side.  My mind raced trying to figure out what advantage I might have over him.  I would have given anything for a wooden stake in that moment. 

     I only had one more move to try and push me over the top.  I stood up on my board and braced myself.  I lept up and did a back-flip on my board.  This is my most difficult stunt, but it wouldn’t be enough so as soon as I landed I immediately did it again.  Three back-flips in a row without losing my balance.  I had never done even a double flip before.  I glanced over with a smirk on my face.  In that moment I was convinced that I had the competition in the bag.

     The sparkling vampire from Atlantis then pulled off the single greatest stunt I had ever seen.  He pushed up from his one armed handstand and did a double-flip in the air before landing on his other hand.  Then he did a triple flip only to land back on the board in a flamingo pose on one leg.  Finally he spit out a solid stream of water from his mouth.  I knew in that moment I had been defeated. 

                I stood on the second place podium accepting my award.  It was supposed to be my year, but first place was stolen by a monster.  Well I knew what I had to do.  That was the beginning of my two year training mission.  I have not set foot on a surf board since that day.  In fact I chopped up my surfboard to create my bandoleer of wooden stakes.  He took my hobby from me, but in doing so gave me a new purpose in life.  My new goal is to become the best vampire hunter in the world.