Fiction Fragment Friday

I started writing something and got two paragraphs in before scrapping the story. It isn’t that I don’t think it was good or worth telling. I just was not feeling the story right now. Instead I wanted something lite. Something with a different tone and feel. So I wrote this story instead.

It is definitely on the shorter side, but I think that is a strength. It is a perspective story and hopefully makes you think a bit.

     I know that sound.  Some of those things sound similar, but they all are a little different.  That one belongs to my person.  He is home and I know it is him from the squeaking sound before he turns off his machine.  I need to see him though because he has been gone forever.  For all I knew he was not going to come back.

     I run across the room and jump up on the couch.  The curtains are in the way so I have to shove my head through them.  There he is.  My person outside and walking towards the door.  His hands are full of bags slowing him down.  I can get to the door before he does. 

     The door opens and hits me in the head.  It’s ok my person is here and I forgive him.  My tail is wagging like crazy shaking the whole back of my body.  I need to get to him, but those bags are in the way.  Is that a treat in the bag?  I shove my head in and sniff to see for sure. 

     “Guys back up.  Get back.  Away from the door.”  He has raised his voice.  He must be as excited to see me as I am him.  He really shouldn’t carry so much stuff.  It keeps his hands full and he can’t pet me.  Oh yeah there is another dog here.  He isn’t important though.  All he ever does is hog the attention of my person. 

     Ok, that’s not really true.  He helps groom me and runs with me in the back yard.  I guess we are friends, but he needs to know that this is my person not his.  I already have to share with the cat I’m not sharing with him too.  That’s just too much

     Oh no my human is yelling now.  I was just trying to get my treat but then he dropped his bag.  I’ve upset him.  I just wanted to show my person that I was happy to see him, but now he is angry with me.  My tail is up between my legs and my head is down.  I scuttle back to my bed and lay down.  I can’t help but whine a bit.  I was so excited to see my person, but now he says that I’m a bad dog.  I don’t think I’m a bad dog, but I guess I am.

     My person finishes putting away the things in the bags.  I try to watch him from a distance.  He sits down in his chair and turns on the TV.  I just watch.  I want to make it up to him, but I don’t know how.  I’m still excited to see him, but he isn’t happy to see me.  It hurts to be in the room with him, but so far away.

                “Come here boy.”  Oh boy he called me.  He wants me over there with him.  I rush over to him.  He pats his leg.  I know what that means.  I jump up on him.  He lets out a loud sound, but I don’t understand why.  It doesn’t matter my person wants me.  I lick his face.  “I’m sorry I yelled.”  He pets me and I am happy.  My world is complete right now.  My person is home, I am on his lap, and we are going to be like this forever.