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The Trap


Fiction Fragment Friday

Happy Christmas eve to all those that celebrate. As this year comes to a close I will once again be examining the year that has gone by and making new plans for my writing in 2022. I will be attending Worldcon in Chicago in September for the second time and I am really looking forward to it. I left the last one energized and excited to be writing.

For this weeks story something short since we are amidst the holiday season and time is a premium for all of us.

     My trap had been planned to perfection.  I was hunting a being of pure magic and the trap had been set.  I knew where it would be, and I had a pretty good idea when it would arrive.  My only concern was that this particular target had exhibited a form of premonition.  The best trap in the world could fall apart if the target knew it was coming.  I had planned for that as well though.

     The clock struck midnight and my early warning alarms went off.  I had candles throughout the house keyed to magical energy.  On the first ring of my antique grandfather clock all of the candles lit on their own.  This was more than just a warning system though; it would also start draining the power to feed my spells.  Symbols lit up on the wall throughout the house.  This was the genius of my plan.  I would use it’s own magical energy to trap it. 

     The flames in the fireplace flickered and went out.  Smoke flowed out of the fireplace and took the form of a fat man in a bright red and white costume.  He had a long white beard and let out a loud, “Ho Ho Ho,” as he looked around my living room.  My runes flared brightly feeding off of his magical energies.  “Oh Emily haven’t you heard?  I know when you’ve been good or bad and you young lady have been very bad.” 

     I stepped out of the shadows and faced the much larger man.  “If you really knew what I was up to you wouldn’t have walked right into my trap now would you?”

     The big man sighed.  “Oh Emily, It is never too late to turn back.  I walked into your trap to give you the chance you need for redemption.”  He reached into his sack and pulled out a Christmas ornament.  It glowed in his hand.  “Last chance little girl.”

     “I’m 23 your self-righteous ass.  I’m not a little girl anymore and your years of coal in my socks are finally over.  Your power is mine now.”  Ok, I admit it, he got me monologuing.  How can you not gloat a bit when everything is finally going your way. 

     He threw the ornament on the ground, and it shattered into pieces.  Light filled the room and to my horror my symbols all faded off the wall.  When the light went back to normal there he was.  Santa Claus standing there once again free.  He let out another, “Ho, Ho, Ho.  I borrowed a little magic from father winter.  I knew you would try to bind me with my own magic, so I brought his magic to counter it.  Please Emily turn away from this path.  It is not too late for you.” 

     I lashed out in anger throwing things from my shelves at him.  “Leave your coal and go, just shut up.”

     “I’m afraid I can’t do that this time Emily.  You see Christmas magic is far too important to allow you to keep trying to trap me.”  The front door shattered into pieces and a snow man with a twisted smile pushed through.  “I’m afraid this time I’m going to have to turn you over to Jack Frost.”  He turned back to mist and disappeared up my chimney. 

                As Jack approached me, I broke into a maniacal laughter.  A ring of fire surrounded the snowman.  “Hello again Jack.  Welcome to my home.  Don’t worry you won’t be staying long, but your magical power that I will put good use to.”  I heard the Jingles of sleigh bells ringing in the sky as Santa Claus flew away.  He might be able to see us when we are sleeping and know when we are awake, but he is predictable enough that when dealing with him I can see the future as well.    


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  1. I was just telling my friend about that.

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