It has been too long since I’ve done an update on various projects and creative endeavors. For now I’m keeping this focused on creative work and not things in my personal life.

Fear the Boot Game Notes

With this weeks release the weekly podcast that I record, edit, and release for patreon backers of Fear the Boot has reached one year old. I am proud to say that it has released on time every week without missing an episode no matter what was going on at the time. This is something I’m very proud of and plan to keep this track record going.

Fiction Fragment Fridays

I am enjoying writing these flash fictions and trying to stretch myself creatively. Some of these hold real potential to be developed into something much larger. Perhaps I should consolidate and edit them for release or submit final drafts of them. Now that I have plenty of content on this site I will be submitting Flash Fictions online to various markets. This was one of my goals with creating the site to begin with. I wanted one place I could point people back to when I have things published.


My NaNoWriMo novel editing process has not started and I need to fix that. I have focused on other projects and not given this the attention it deserves. That is going to change this month. I am going to be setting editing goals for myself and will provide updates here on the site on my progress.

Skies of Glass

On Valentines Day we released the third beta of the Skies of Glass Roleplaying game rules. Since then we have been getting good feedback and have defined the areas we want to work on. I will continue working with the other two creators on that project hoping to get to a releasable product soon. I would like to spend some time editing the Skies of Glass: Metropolis novel that I wrote as a serial fiction. I have the framework of a short story in that setting as well. I think it would be good to have additional Skies of Glass products available to release in support of the roleplaying game system.

Other Creative Endeavors

I am organizing an online D&D game and have been putting quite a bit of thought and writing into the setting. You may see some of this content adapted into future Fiction Fragment Fridays. Even though I have a face for podcasting I still have been debating on doing something on Youtube. Lego, Transformers, or comic books are all high on my list. I have debated on blog based reviews as well. I have a couple domains that I don’t currently use because the pandemic killed the concepts for them at the moment. I am trying to keep these urges to take on new projects clamped down for now because I want to see more completed before I start anything new.